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What is An Escalator Step Chain An escalator step chain or an escalator chain is a strong, interconnected links or plates, similar to a bicycle chain. The step chains move the steps on escalators or drives moving walkways. They transmit power for the smooth and effective transport of passengers along the escalator tracks in either […]

What Is an Escalator Handrail Basically, an escalator handrail is a moving belt that gives you a firm grip when you ride on an escalator. It offers stability and balance to passengers when they ride on the escalator. An escalator handrail usually comes in two shapes, such as flat and elliptical. Based on the people’s […]

What is Guide Shoes In Elevator? Guide shoes in elevators are the low-friction sliding parts of any elevator that allow the car to move freely. They work at keeping both the elevator car and the counterweight secure on their rails, by preventing swinging during movement. Functionally, guide shoes prevent the car elevator from tilting within […]

How are large building elevators able to travel up and down buildings smoothly, allowing passengers to get from one floor to another with ease? It’s all due to the complexity of elevator traction systems. Elevator traction machines use electromechanical power to get your elevator car moving, vertically transporting you safely and smoothly. Elevator traction manufacturers […]

An escalator step is the small, moving platform that takes you up a level without exerting any effort. These escalator steps are interconnected with each other via the step chain. Think of it in terms of those metal straps on wristwatches or the metal-plated wheels of a tank.

Elevator controller is the central component of elevator systems, which is responsible for controlling the function of elevator up and down, opening and closing door and safety protection. If the elevator is compared to a person, then the controller is the “brain” of the elevator, which holds paramount significance. There are many manufacturers of elevator […]

This article covers everything you need to know about elevator doors. It covers elevator door types and elevator door opening mechanisms. Also, consider how much an elevator door costs and how to choose the right elevator door type. This comprehensive information is from a door manufacturer’s perspective. At Dazen, we manufacture and supply different elevator […]

What Is an Elevator Counterweight? An elevator counterweight is an added weight to an elevator that balances its mechanical system. Its main purpose is to provide stability and fasten the elevator’s operating system by reducing the pressure. As a result, it saves energy and provides an optimal user experience. The elevator counterweight operates with a […]

Elevator automatic rescue device is also known as ARD. Basically, it’s a safety system built into elevators that ensures the passengers’ security during power outages and elevator malfunctions. When passengers get stuck inside an elevator, the ARD system moves the elevator to the nearest floor and opens the door. Shortly, this device transformed the elevator system to ensure a more secure urban landscape.

Elevator buttons are different than the regular buttons you see elsewhere. They are based on modern technological advancements and cutting-edge materials. Why buttons are placed where they are and how they're made has science behind it! Just as the elevator systems have gone better by the passing years, so have the elevator buttons. From what used to be a simple one-push button to what we’re seeing now in the form of touch-sensitive surfaces, intuitive interfaces, and even smart technologies is amazing. So, read on as we help you understand the science behind elevator buttons followed by their types, and finally, which one’s are best for you!

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