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Elevator automatic rescue device is also known as ARD. Basically, it’s a safety system built into elevators that ensures the passengers’ security during power outages and elevator malfunctions. When passengers get stuck inside an elevator, the ARD system moves the elevator to the nearest floor and opens the door. Shortly, this device transformed the elevator system to ensure a more secure urban landscape.

Elevator buttons are different than the regular buttons you see elsewhere. They are based on modern technological advancements and cutting-edge materials. Why buttons are placed where they are and how they're made has science behind it! Just as the elevator systems have gone better by the passing years, so have the elevator buttons. From what used to be a simple one-push button to what we’re seeing now in the form of touch-sensitive surfaces, intuitive interfaces, and even smart technologies is amazing. So, read on as we help you understand the science behind elevator buttons followed by their types, and finally, which one’s are best for you!

Safety is a buzzword that always accompanies elevators. An elevator guide rail is key to this reliability surrounding high-quality elevators. In addition to its basic function of guiding the elevator car, these rails serve several other purposes. They help with braking, emergency stops, and even with adjusting the car's speed. This article covers everything about elevator guide rail, including its classification based on different parameters!

The elevator pit is a crucial part of the lift that ensures safety in case of an accident and makes it easier for the technicians to inspect, repair, and maintain its various parts. Having basic knowledge about the elevator pit allows you to ensure that your company’s lift adheres to the certified standards and maintains the security of the users.

Designing an elevator requires considerable consideration of materials, budget, and quality. However, another important thing to pay attention to is the type of elevator door you install. Elevator doors come in all shapes and sizes. Beyond just their opening styles, they are even more diverse. So, read on as this guide tells you about the elevator doors that will help you end up with the best one for you.

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