Elevator Door Operator

Elevator door operator, also known as elevator car door, is the power source of the door system, through which the opening and closing of the elevator door is realized. It consists of motor, controller, deceleration mechanism, transmission mechanism, guiding mechanism, door cutter device, car door interlock switch and other main components.

Dazen Elevator provides versatile and high quality door operator for commercial, industrial and residential elevators, including mechanical door operator, VVVF door operator and permanent magnet synchronous door operator, no matter whether you need standard or customized sizes, Dazen can provide you with the best solutions. All doors can be shipped quickly within 2-10 days.

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Our Door Operators

Dazen implements the standard of excellence with 1:1 replica of Fermator, Mitsubishi car door, which opens and closes sensitively, is not easy to collide, and protects passengers effectively.

Fermator Elevator Car Door

1.Economic application, easy to Install.
2.High Efficient, no consumption For Synchronous motor, Out Put Efficiency close to 86%.
3.Energy saving and environmental, the material of Rotors is Permanent magnetic, with no Consumption for current, the Efficiency of a 48w 4.Asynchronous motor is the same as 100W Synchronous motor.
5.High Speed Core with 32-bit CPU, much faster than 16-bit CPU, provides strong support for high performance.

Mitsubishi Elevator Car Door

1. Simple structure, Low failure rate.
2. Easy to Install, saving installation time.
3. High performance on anti-interference, Low noise.