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DAZEN is a professional manufacturer and supplier of automatic elevator doors in China. Our elevator doors can meet all national standards, including EN 81-20/50, CE certification, and fire protection requirements: E120/EI120 60 90, etc. They are widely used in villas, office buildings, airports, hotels and other public buildings.

Our elevator door opening sizes range from 600mm to 2400mm, we can provide OEM service according to your requirements, and all elevator doors can be shipped with standard opening sizes within 10 working days.

Why Dazen Elevator Door

Selcom Door

Our Experience With Elevator Doors

Dazen, as a manufacturer and exporter of elevator doors, sells about 16,000 sets of car doors and 24,000 sets of landing doors to more than 50 countries every year. We have rich experience in the types of doors needed in each country and the local policies.

SELCOM doors are more popular in the Middle East, Fermator doors are more popular in South America, and Mitsubishi doors have gained prominence in Southeast Asia.

Our commitment to understanding regional preferences ensures that we provide tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of our international clientele.

Using the Saudi Arabian market as an example, our SELCOM doors have achieved substantial success, primarily attributed to the following advantages:

  • Our door motor/motor/door cam is originally from Germany. Even small parts, such as contact switch and door roller also.
  • Door operator length and thickness and material are 1:1 production as wittur. Focus on the production standardization process. And our factory’s Selcom door has CE certificate and nameplate according to Saudi market.
  • Each product has a barcode on it to make it easy for you to sell in the Saudi market¬†
  • Our quality is your brand, this is why we have many customers in the Middle East and Europe who sell very well. And we have a few high cabinets going to Saudi Arabia every month.
  • More than a dozen elevator companies in the Middle East are buying selcom doors from us. No quality complaints. Maintained after-sales and brand local market for our Saudi customers.

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