Elevator Door Manufacturer

DAZEN is a leading manufacturer and supplier of elevator door systems in China. Our elevator doors can meet all national standards, including EN 81-20/50, CE certification, and fire protection requirements: E120/EI120 60 90, etc. They are widely used in residential, office buildings, airports, hotels and other public buildings.

Our elevator door opening sizes range from 600mm to 2400mm, we can provide OEM service according to your requirements, and all elevator doors can be shipped with standard opening sizes within 10 working days.

Why Dazen Elevator Door

Our Elevator Door Products

Dazen elevator door operator include center openings and side openings series, which are easy to install and provide multiple options for your new installation and modernization projects.

Dazen provides center open, side open, and fire-resistant elevator landing doors with complete certificates, providing customers with comprehensive solutions.

Elevator Door Parts

Our elevator door parts ensure the highest quality. Key components such as door cam and door motors are imported with original packaging.

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