Elevator Inspection Box

Elevator inspection box is an important equipment for the maintenance and repair of elevator, ensuring the safe operation of the elevator.
It features a distinctive, eye-catching color and is equipped with a fire and moisture-proof shell.
Elevator inspection boxes are commonly found in three locations: the machine room, car roof, and pit.

Machine Room Inspection: The machine room ainspection boxes are generally installed in the control cabinet, the common model is 57612657.

Car Top Inpection Box: Its electrical components include buttons for controlling the elevator’s upward and downward movement, door opening and closing buttons, emergency stop buttons, and changeover switches for the normal and maintenance operation of the car. Commonly used models include 57635405, KM713856G21, KM821000G01, P231013B102G01L01, KKB4-7, VKS8M032001.

Car Top Inpection Box: Typically mounted on the side wall of the elevator pit, the maintenance personnel can control the elevator running and stopping through the emergency stop button on the box. To enhance the convenience for maintenance personnel, the existing pit maintenance box usually includes a light holder a switch button for controlling the light. Commonly used models include DAA24831F4, DAA24831AE1, DAA24831F1, SDK-1D, XAA23750M3, MBT-PIB-A1, and MBT-PSB-A1.

Elevator Inspection Box 57612657
elevator inspection box 57635405
elevator inspection box 713856G21

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