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Traction Motor

The elevator motor is a driving force behind elevators’ movements. You can get this in the permanent magnet synchronous variety of gearless and gear motor types. Such motors can operate under different load conditions and speeds. They guarantee quiet operation, high load bearing, and high transmission rate. Moreover, they are energy-efficient and also environmentally friendly. You can use elevator motors with different elevators like residential, sightseeing, small machine rooms, and freight elevators.

We provide various branded traction machines such as Monadrive and Tonrin.

Control System

The elevator controller is an elementary part composed of electronic devices and electrical parts encased in a cabin-like structure. It acts as the main control system of the lift, controlling its safe and smooth movement. Imagine it as the brain of the elevator – if it fails, the elevator will not run. Inside the controller is the direction operation system, the stopping system, and the system monitoring system. It takes care of managing all the elevators’ operations.

Elevator Cabin

An elevator car, also called an elevator cabin, is a compartment within an elevator system. It is an enclosed element that takes passengers or cargo between building levels. It’s like a mobile room that rises and falls through a shaft. Elevator cars provide a secure and organized mode of transportation for people or goods to move in the vertical direction of a building. They usually have a steel frame for strength and walls with beautiful panels inside for looks and comfort. Flooring can be of Marble, steel plate, and other materials.

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Elevator Car Door

Elevator door is divided into landing door and car door.The landing door and car door can be divided into: automatic center opening door, telescopic opening door, swing door, vertical sliding door, hinged door and so on according to the structure.

The center opening door and manual door are mainly used in passenger elevator and villa elevator, the telescopic opening door is more commonly used in freight elevator and hospital elevator.

Elevator Counterweight

An elevator counterweight is a heavyweight that travels in the opposite direction to the elevator car, back and forth. It acts like a weighing machine, counterbalancing most of the car’s weight. This allows the motor to work less, resulting in pleasant and power-efficient elevator movements. The counterweights are mostly concrete blocks or metal plates. They travel down the shaft along dedicated rails.

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Elevator COP & LOP

LOP denotes an elevator landing operating panel that sends landing call commands. The LOP panel is usually outside the elevator and has up and down floor buttons and a display. It is commonly placed near the elevator doors on each level.
COP refers to the elevator car operating panel used to give car call commands. The elevator operator panel is generally made up of a series of buttons, one for each floor in the building. Elevator passengers can call for the desired floor by pushing the floor number.
Further, there are additional buttons such as “open door”, “close door,” and emergency buttons for safety measures. The design and use of these panels differ for each elevator model and brand. LOPs and COPs are known for their beautiful finishes, durability, strong structure, and user-friendliness. They are allowed to exhibit different elevator statuses like overload, stop, fire control, car operation, etc.

Guide Rails

The guide rails in elevators are used to maintain the lane for the cable to pass through and to support the cabin’s movement between floors. It is the hoistway track, the straight or inclined rail track that the elevator moves up and down in, which is equally vital to the elevator’s safe operation.
As per a cross-sectional shape, it is either T or L type. The most versatile guide rail is essentially A type of guide rail that features strong rigidity, high reliability, safety, and affordability

Elevator Buttons

An elevator button is a button that is usually located inside or outside of the elevator car. It permits passengers to choose the floor they want to descend. Often, the buttons are aligned in a vertical column, and the upper floors start from the bottom and go up. A click on a button sends an instruction to the elevator control system to stop at a specified floor level. Some elevators can present with an extra button for features like “door open”, “door close”, and an emergency stop button. These buttons are usually lighted up, and pictures or Braille accompanies them for easier understandability and accessibility.

Safety Parts

The main objective of elevator safety parts is to safeguard the elevator equipment and the passengers inside the car by providing protection or reducing the extent of injuries when the elevator exceeds speed limits and encounters an accidental descent.
The safety parts are mainly composed of Oil Buffers, Speed Limiting Component, and Elevator Safety Gears

Guide Shoes/Car Rollers

Guiding shoes or car rollers are placed under the elevator car and run over the guide rails. They minimize friction, ensure the car rides smoothly, and make it easier for the vehicle to stay on track rather than derail.

Other Parts

Elevator Sheave

Elevator Rope Attachment

Elevator Inspection Box

Elevator Inverter

Elevator Wire Rope

Elevator ARD

Elevator Cable

Elevator Fan

Elevator Switch

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