FB-9B Gearshift Cross Flow Fan

The gear-type cross-flow fan uses a 4-speed adjustment switch to change the frequency of the motor power supply to achieve speed regulation and reduce the motor speed to save electrical energy.

  • The first gear is from 500 to 700 rpm.
  • The second gear is from 700 to 900 rpm.
  • The third gear is from 900 rpm to 1100 rpm.
  • 4th gear from 1100 rpm to 1300 rpm
Model Voltage(V) Freq.(HZ) Current(A) Power(W) Noise(dB) Airflowm³/min) Speed(RPM) Blade Size Blade material
FB-9B Gearshift Speed AC110/220/230 50/60 0.09/0.11 25 ≤45 (0~4.8)±0.5 (0~1200±100 Φ91×266 GFAS
Aluminium Alloy

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