Monarch Nice 2000

The NICE 2000 escalator controller has been designed as a simple and cost-effective variable speed integrated controller that delivers ultimate performance and flexible capability for escalators.

Power Rating

  • 5.5kW to 30kW,3 Phase 380/400/415V


  • Escalator
  • Travelator
  • Conveyor

Characteristics Functions

  • Mode: Semi-Automatic or Automatic.
  • Semi-Automatic: Escalator can only operatein unipolar mode.
  • Automatic: Escalator can operate in bipolar mode, energy-saving, ability to use the photo-electric signal to trigger the direction demand of the escalator, etc.
  • Energy-Saving: Rapid Stop, Start-Run-Stop, Start-Run-Creep-Stop.

Technical Features

  • Flexible connection options allow for easy integration in virtually all escalator controls and quick startup periods
  • No need for a PLC or escalator controller, thereby reducing cost.
  • Equipped with full V/F control, Y-A control and other control methods.
  • De-rate the selection of Drive power rating to reduce cost.
  • Effective anti-jamming capability complies with EMC standards.
  • On-board RJ45 port to facilitate quick start-up periods
  • Rich energy-saving operation modes meets different user needs
  • Easy commission of V/F control to bypass control mode
  • Easy commission of bypass control to V/F control mode
  • Y-A control will work as an alternative when errors happen in the inverter

Energy-saving Operation In V/F Control Mode

NICE2000 is an integrated escalator drive with a rich energy-saving operation, if no passengers are taking the escalator within a certain period, NICE2000 will decelerate to a low speed. If passengers enter the entrance, NICE2000 will identify through the optical switch and accelerate to a quick speed.

NICE 2000 Ratings

380/400/415V, 3 Phase Ratings (-15% to 20%: 3Ph,323Vac to 456Vac)

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