Monarch Nice 900

NICE900 is a compact, simple to use and cost-effective integrated controller specially designed for various car door controls such as lift door and subway car drives both asynchronous and synchronous motors(without encoders)and supports speed control mode and distance control mode (with encoder).

Power Rating

  • 200W,400W,750W,
  • 1Phase, 220V-Input supply 50Hz/60Hz
  • 3 Phase 220V-Output motor supply


  • Lift car door
  • Subway car door
  • Various door control applications

Applicable Motor Type

  • Asynchronous motor
    Open loop vector control
    1. Without encoder (using slow down, end stop
    limit switches)
    2. Low PPR encoder (Minimum 10 PPR)b.
    Closed loop vector control
    1. with encoder feedback (512 t 10000 PPR)
  • Synchronous motor
    Closed loop control with ABZ encoder


Technical Features

Excellent Performance based on advanced vector control technology
1. Motor parameter auto-tuning
2. Enhanced accuracy control via innovative sync machine angle identification technology.
3. Outstanding encoder original point identification technology, adaptable to general ABZ incremental encoder.
4. Adopt best quality advanced devices on NICE900 integrated controller like the latest 32bits DSPup to150MHz

Compact Design

2 in 1, an integrated controller with both controller and inverter functions, which applies to both asynchronous and
synchronous motors

Simple to Use and Easy to Install

Onboard keypad for simple setup and maintenance


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