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Elevator controller is the central component of elevator systems, which is responsible for controlling the function of elevator up and down, opening and closing door and safety protection. If the elevator is compared to a person, then the controller is the “brain” of the elevator, which holds paramount significance.

There are many manufacturers of elevator controllers in the world and China hold the leading-edge technology in this field. Below, we have outlined the main brands and their company profiles and product ranges.

1. Monarch

Suzhou Monarch Control Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, and its head office is Shenzhen Huichuan Technology Co., Ltd. Based on Inovance’s leading variable frequency drive technology, the company provides a complete range of control and drive products for the elevator industry. As a leader in elevator integration technology, Suzhou Monarch has successively launched NICE3000, NICE2000 and NICE1000 integrated controllers. And has a market share of 60% in the world. 

Monarch’s innovation lies in combining the control cabinet mainboard and frequency converter into a single unit, sparking a new revolution in the elevator control systems sector. Its key advantages include space efficiency, easy installation, plug-and-play functionality, low failure rates, and smooth operation.

Monarch Nice 3000 for Commercial Elevator

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Monarch Nice 2000 for Escalator

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Monarch Nice 1000 for Home Elevator

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Monarch Nice 900 for Elevator Door

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2. Step

Step was founded in 1995, they provides high-speed elevators equipped with advanced controllers. It offers group elevators like buildings that have more than 8 elevators. So, Step offers advanced elevator services with organizational capacity.

Step AS380 Elevator Controller

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MCP-HS high speed elevator controller

MCP-ST C7000.

3. Invt

INVT was founded in 2002, they provide elevator control solution. It enables elevators to operate efficiently and fast using advanced control solutions. It control solutions include security control, remote monitoring, and floor display services. 





4. Hpmont

Hpmont provides intelligent control system services. It offers controllers equipped with a variety of technology, like automatic control technology, network communication, power electronic technology, and motor drive technology. Hpmont also offers different elevator systems 1 phase: 200-240V – 3.7kW, 2 phase: 380 – 460V, 5.5 – 45kW.

5. Otis

Otis is one of the world’s largest elevator manufacturers and offers a wide range of elevator controls designed for different applications and building requirements.

Otis elevators use self-developed master controllers.

DS-K2210 Master Elevator Controller


An elevator controller handles multiple tasks, such as traffic system, interactive command, and visual monitoring of an elevator. It works using different elevator input and output components, like buttons, sensors, displays, bells, Actuators, key controls, etc. 

So, if you desire to install a high-quality and advanced technology-based controller in your traction elevator, Dazen will be a great choice. We offers top-notch elevator controllers at affordable prices. 

  • Our core team is from Huawei and stands as the earliest developer of integrated controllers.
  • We are the distributor of Monarch controllers and Step.
  • With EN81 and CE Certification
  • We can customize the non-standard program for you to protect your after-sales and maintenance.

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