Yaskawa Inverter

  • Brand: YASKAWA
    Model: CIMR-AB4A0031
    Product series: L1000
    Application: General
    Power supply: three-phase
    Rated voltage: three-phase AC400 (v)
    Supply voltage: low voltage
    Suitable motor power: 11 (kW)
    Filter: no filter

Yaskawa inverter L1000 high quality drives, is quiet, elegant, and contains endless power. Excellent performance exploring the field of new drive”A1000″ converter to be unveiled! The industry’s top ultra-efficient operation, from Yaskawa to drive markets in the world knows Superior performance, waiting for you to experience, this is the Yaskawa quality excellence, “L1000” is your dream of performance, functionality, a high degree of fusion of current vector control inverter. lt inherits the Yaskawa “reliable has always been the pursuit of best performance is with a brand new look will appear in front of you.200V 0.4~110kW 400V 0.4355kW lift machinery fluid mechanical metal processing and mechanical handling machinery

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