Escalator Handrail

Dazen is one of the leading escalator and moving walkway handrail manufacturers in China. We provide you with high quality and reliable handrails for both indoor and outdoor escalators. We produces a wide range of handrails in various colors, such as black rubber handrails, colorful handrails, polyurethane handrails, etc. We can also customize the branding and special information for you.

The key benefit of Dazen handrails lies in the superior stability of their cross-sectional dimensions. Additionally, meeting the necessary tensile strength of 25,000 N and adhering to specified end treatments are essential requirements for compliance with the European Standard for Escalators and Moving Walkways (EN 115-1).

Why Dazen?

  1. Full Supply Chain For All Brand Spare Parts
  2. 100% Original New with a one-year free Guarantee
  3. 3-5 Working Days Once Get the Payment
  4. Huge Customers From European

Choosing The Right Handrail

There are two main types of handrails according to their cross-sectional dimensions: standard C-type and V-type. The most important dimensions are the inner width (B), the inner height (F) and the lip width (A), as the handrail is closely integrated with the escalator’s guideway and drive system during operation. You can choose a handrail belt model based on the dimensions we have provided for you below. If the dimensions differ from the data in the table below, please contact our technicians team.

Applicable BrandModelHeightInner HeightUpper Belt ThicknessWidthInner WidthHandrail Belt Lip Width

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