Elevator Fan

Elevator fans are widely used in elevator cars, car roofs, machine rooms, and shafts. They play a vital role in heat dissipation and ventilation, ensuring the elevator operating efficiency and a comfortable riding experience for passengers.

Dazen elevator fans are designed to be high-performance and low-noise, specifically tailored for elevator car ventilation. We have the most complete line of fans for the elevator industry, including cross-flow fans, centrifugal fans, circular fans, and square fans.

Round fans are commonly used in freight elevators, while square fans are used in passenger elevators. You can choose the appropriate fan model and speed according to the car size, air exchange requirements and noise requirements. The FB-9B is the most frequently used fan model for elevators.

The standard electrical configurations for elevator fans consist of 110V/220V/230V, operating at 50/60 Hz. For special electrical requirements, please contact our team.

Application: Passenger elevator
Suitable brand: All elevator brands including Thyssenkrupp, Toshiba, Otis, Mitsubishi etc.

Application: Freight elevator
Type: Ceiling fan, exhaust fan
Shape: Round, square
Freq.: 50/60Hz

Villa Elevator Fan

Application: Villa/Home elevator
Type: Cross flow fan
Freq.: 50/60Hz

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