Elevator Oil Buffer

Oil buffers are equipped to monitor the elevator’s speed and limit it if it over speeds. You can rely on the oil buffers to activate and slow an overspeeding elevator cab for a safe and controlled descent.

Dazen Oil Buffer Advantage

  • Lightweight: Our oil buffers are lightweight to easily lubricate the movement of the elevator car and the counterweight.
  • Easy Installation and Small Footprint: Our oil buffers have small footprints, so they don’t take up too much space in the elevator pit and are easy to install.
  • Safety: Dazen’s oil buffers are reliable and meet international standards. We have EN81 certification and various others to ensure the safety of the elevator users.
  • Wide Range of Oil Buffers: We have an extensive range of products for elevators with speeds ranging between 200 fpm and 4000 fpm.
  • Fast Delivery: Dazen offers fast and secured delivery within a week for its oil buffers.
  • Executive standard: GB and CE

DZ-LDH Oil Buffer

TypeReted Speed (m/s)Stroke (mm)Allow Able Gross Mass (kg)Freeheight (mm)

DZ-FHB Oil Buffer

TypeRated Speed (m/s)Stroke (mm)Allow Able Gross Mass (kg)Free Height (mm)

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