Elevator Landing Doors

Elevator landing doors, also known as hoistway doors, are located on every floor of a building that automatically or manually opens to allow passengers enter or exit the elevator cabin.

When choosing elevator landing doors for your building, there are two main factors you should consider. The first is how the door operates and the control technique: automatic or swinging elevator door. The second factor is the elevator door opening types, which include central opening and telescopic. The central opening and telescopic doors are typically automatic landing doors, while the swinging doors are mostly manual elevator doors.

At Dazen, we offer customized plans for automatic elevator landing doors of various sizes. We manufacture top-quality, and multi-functional elevator doors using premium materials and comply with international safety standards such as EN 81-20/50, CE certification, which demonstrates our commitment to safety. They are perfect for various buildings, including residential, office buildings, public buildings, hospitals, hotels, airports, and more.

Our doors are designed to meet all your elevator installation needs, whether it’s for elevator modernization and complete elevator new installations.

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Our Elevator Landing Door Types

In most residential and commercial projects, 2 pannel center-opening landing doors are usually preferred. However, for buildings with smaller shafts or places that require larger door opening sizes, such as hospitals, telescopic landing doors are more appropriate. Material option: painted panels, stainless steel, glass. Below are our main landing door models. For more information, please contact us.

Simple structure, low failure rate.
Easy to install, saving installation time.
High performance on anti-interference, low noise.
Long quality guarantee,  qualified with ISO9001-2000, ISO14000, CE certification, strength protection for safety.

It complies with international safety standards such as EN 81-20/50, ASME A17.1, GB 7588, and fire requirements EN 81-58 and UL 10B.
Available in different types of openings and sizes to cater to different installation needs.
Designed for high-traffic elevator systems, domestic and commercial use such as airports and hotels.

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