Escalator Step Chain

Escalator Step Chain Customized For Otis, Kone, Mitsubishi, Thyssenkrupp.

The escalator chain is a vital component in the escalator. It is the driving force of an escalator and supports the weight of the passengers. As the leading supplier of escalators and moving walkway step chains, we offer different solutions to meet your needs. We provide escalator step chain replacement for different escalator models, such as Otis, Kone, and Hitachi. Dazen step chains are reliable, efficient, and safe. They are made with the highest quality materials, to ensure adequate strength and durability. You can count on Dazen for a safety-tested step chain escalator that meets international standards.

OTIS 508NCE Escalator Step Chain

The Otis 508NCE step chain has a step width of 1000mm or 800mm. The pitch size is 135.46mm. The chain rollers measure 76*22mm. The pin diameter is 12.7mm.

Otis 506NCE Escalator Step Chain

The step chain is designed for use with the Otis 506NCE escalator. The chain comes with a pitch of 135.46mm, a chain roller size of 76*22mm, and a pin diameter of 12.7mm.

Hitachi C-12V Escalator Step Chain

The Hitachi C-12V step chain escalator is designed for use in Hitachi escalators. The C-12V step chain escalator has a pitch of 8.4mm and a roller size of 28mm.

9300 Escalator Step Chain

The chain has a pitch of 133.33mm and a roller size of 76*25mm. It comes with a pin diameter of 14.63mm and is suitable for commercial use.

Escalator Step Chain

Escalator Step Chain

Kone Escalator Step Chain

XIZI Otis Escalator Step Chain

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