Elevator Guide Shoes

Dazen is one of the best suppliers of elevator guide shoes in China

The guide shoe is a sliding device between the elevator guide rail and the car, and the guide shoe fixed on the car can reciprocate and lift the movement along the fixed guide rail installed on the wall of the building’s shaft, preventing the car from tilting or swinging during the operation. There are two common types of guide shoes: Sliding Guide Shoes, Roller Guide Shoes.

Dazen is one of the best suppliers of elevator guide shoes in China. We provide a full range of guide shoes to meet diverse needs, including car guide shoes, counterweight guide shoes, high-speed elevator guide shoes and heavy-duty freight elevator guide shoes. In addition to this we also offer various brands of guide shoes such as Otis, Kone, Mitsubishi, Thyssenkrupp. All components are strictly quality controlled, durable and easy to install. 

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Suitable for elevators with speed over 2m/s. 3 or 6 wheels are stuck on the rails to replace sliding friction with rolling friction, which reduces friction loss and vibration and noise during operation and improves the riding experience.

Fixed sliding guide shoe is suitable for elevators with speed below 2m/s.
Flexible sliding guide shoes are suitable for elevators with rated speeds of less than 1.7m/s.