Elevator Controllers

Elevator controller, is a variety of electronic devices and electrical components are installed in a safe and protective role of the cabinet structure within the electronic control device, also known as the central controller of the elevator.

All the operation of the elevator depends on the control cabinet, which contains some parameters of the elevator operation and control system, such as direction operation, stop, system monitoring and so on. If the elevator is compared to a person, then the controller is like the brain of the person, without the controller the elevator can not run.

Dazen specializes in providing a wide range of elevator controller products for traction elevators. Our controllers include brands such as Monarch, Step, INVT, etc., which can be customized with different functions, sizes and shapes according to your system requirements, and OEM services are also available.

Why Dazen

  • Our core team is from Huawei and stands as the earliest developer of integrated controllers. In the Chinese market, we hold 60% integrated Controllers.
  • Distributor for Monarch controllers
  • Controller Use for Kone, Thyssenkrupp.
  • With EN81 and CE Certification
  • Our Engineer can communicate in English
  • Customized service: Upon reaching the specified annual purchase volume, we can customize the non-standard program for you to protect your after-sales and maintenance.

Our Elevator Controller Main Series

Why Choose Us


Our core team is from Huawei, and stands as the earliest developer of integrated controllers. In China market, we hold a 60% integrated Controllers.


We follow a standardized process with skilled technicians, conducting 100% testing before delivery to ensure quality.


Our controllers are Conforms with EN81 and CE certified, with test report.


Low-cost storage in China gives you greater flexibility in shipment arranging.

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