Elevator Light Curtain

An elevator light curtain, also known as an elevator door detector, is a kind of infrared light safety protection device, which is applicable to passenger elevators and freight elevators, and used to protect the safety of passengers.

The elevator light curtain consists of four main parts: the infrared transmitter and receiver installed on both sides of the elevator car door, the power box installed on the roof of the car and the special flexible cable. There are 32 (16) infrared transmitter tubes in the transmitter. Under the control of MCU, the transmitter-receiver tubes are opened accordingly, scanning the car door area continuously from top to bottom, forming a dense infrared protection light curtain.

When any of the light is blocked, the control system immediately outputs the open signal, the car door that stops closing and reverses to open, until the passengers or blocking objects out of the warning area before the elevator door can be closed normally, so as to achieve the purpose of safety protection, so as to avoid the occurrence of elevator clamping accidents.

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