Elevator Light Curtain

The elevator Light Curtain is In the process of the car door shut, when a
passenger or obstacles to touch, the car door opens the machine door protection device. Compared with safety contact, the screen is more sensitive to action and the advantages or beauty. when the screen is blocked over a certain time, the light curtain controller will send out an alarm sound.

  • Purpose: passenger elevator
  • Load rating: 2300 (kg)
  • Drive mode: communication
  • Operation control mode: signal control

The elevator light curtain is made of a kind of principle of photoelectric sensor and elevator door safety device, applicable to all elevators, to ensure the safety of the passengers in and out of the elevator.

An elevator light curtain is installed in the elevator door on both sides of the Infrared transmitter and receiver and a special flexible cable is composed of three parts. Need for environmental protection and energy saving, more and more elevators have dispensed with power supply boxes. Some brands of screens due to electromagnetic interference resistance is poor and also have to power supply box must be used. but with the popularity of the green elevator concept, the power supply box screen is a trend. For the 220 v turned 24 v is bound to lose a lot of energy in the process.

Light curtain transmitter has several infrared transmitting tubes, under the control of MCU, launch receiving tube opening, one launch hair shoot the light is more receiving head, forming multiple scans. Continuous scanning through
the top-down car door area, forming a dense infrared light curtain protection. When any of the beams of light is blocked, unable to realize the photoelectric conversion, the screen is covered, so an interrupt signal output. The interrupt signals can be a switch quantity and also can be high and low-level signals. Upon receiving the signal from the screen to the control system, immediately open the output signal, the car door stop off and reverse open, until the passenger or the obstacle after leaving the warning area elevator door can normally closed, so as to achieve security purposes, which can avoid the elevator clip person accident.


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