Elevator Safety Parts

The primary purpose of elevator safety parts is to safeguard both the elevator equipment and passengers within the car, either by preventing injuries or mitigating the extent of injuries in the event of the elevator surpassing speed limits or experiencing accidental descent.

These safety parts primarily include oil buffers, elevator safety gear, and speed limiters.

DAZEN is ready to meet your needs, we offer a diverse inventory of safety parts with sufficient stock, and fast delivery.

Hydraulic Oil Buffer

The buffer is positioned at the pit of the elevator shaft. Its purpose is to minimize the impact when the elevator reaches the bottom, thereby reducing the risk of injury to passengers inside the elevator.

  • Wide load & speed range
  • Smooth cushioning
  • Small size for easy installation.

Elevator Speed Limiter

The speed limiter serves as an overspeed detection device in elevators. When the elevator attains the pre-set electrical action speed, it activates an electrical switch, interrupting the safety circuit of the elevator and subsequently disconnecting the power supply to the entire system.

DAZEN provides a variety of speed limiters, including single and double-direction options designed for both machine rooms and machine room-less configurations.

Elevator Safety Gear

Safety gear are categorized into Instantaneous Safety and Progressive Safety. The Instantaneous Safety gear has a short braking time but exerts a significant impact, making it suitable for use in relatively low-speed freight elevators. On the other hand, Progressive Safety gear involves a gradual deceleration before braking, with the deceleration being less than the acceleration of gravity. This type of safety clamp is commonly employed in passenger elevators.

Elevator Light Curtain

The elevator Light Curtain is In the process of the car door shut, when a
passenger or obstacles to touch, the car door opens the machine door protection device. Compared with safety contact, the screen is more sensitive to action and the advantages or beauty. when the screen is blocked over a certain time, the light curtain controller will send out an alarm sound.


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