Elevator Overspeed Governor

  • Use: passenger elevator, cargo elevator, medical elevator, panoramic elevator, home elevator
  • Drive: AC
  • Rated load: 1000 (kg)
  • Operation control system: set the selected control
  • Rated speed: 1.75m/s
  • Elevator Over Speed Governor


Elevator Over Speed Governor is a speed limiter, elevator is one of the security controls in parts of the security system.
When the lift is in operation for whatever reason the car is speeding, even the danger of falling, and all other safety devices do not work, the speed limiter and safety gear linkage action to occur, stop the elevator car.

It is an elevator safety protection device. ready to monitor and control the car’s speed, when hyper-velocity occurs, that is when the rated speed of the elevator 115%, can send signals produced by mechanical action to cut off the power supply circuit, the tractor brake. If the elevators still cannot brake is mounted in the bottom of the car’s safety gear action to force the car to stop. The speed limiter is issued, and safety gear is a performer. Interaction of both appeared the safety elevator said.

An overspeed safety gear system is an essential safety device for elevators, when the elevator speeding, runs out of control or the suspension snaps, the Overspeed safety gear quickly stops the elevator system on the guide rail, and keeps the rest, so as to avoid injury and equipment damage.

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