Elevator Door Lock

Elevator door locks are safety devices installed on elevator doors to protect passengers and include a locking mechanism installed on the elevator door and a control panel installed in the elevator car.

Dazen offers the most durable elevator door locking devices in the industry, all of which are CE certified and comply with EN81-50 standards.You can check out our popular models, or you can tell us what you need, just provide us with a picture and we can expressly match the product to you and provide you with a quote.

Advantages of our door locking device:

  • Reliable: able to work normally in various environments and under various conditions, ensuring safe and reliable operation of opening and closing elevator doors.
  • Fast response: able to lock or release the elevator door in time, to ensure that passengers enter and exit the elevator without obstruction.
  • Safety: prevent unauthorized personnel from entering the elevator, thus ensuring the safety of passengers in the elevator.
  • Durable: Long-term use and frequent opening and closing operations without damage or failure.

Elevator Swing Door Lock AS-05

Elevator Door Lock KS-3 161

Elevator Car Door Lock

Fermator Elevator Landing Door Lock

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