Elevator Door Motor

The elevator door motor is a transmission device installed on the elevator door to control the opening and closing. Elevator door motors come in three types: permanent magnet synchronous elevator door motors, AC door motors and DC door motors.

Permanent magnet synchronous door motors have become the mainstream of the market due to their advantages of low speed, high torque, high efficiency, constant torque, high control accuracy, low noise and low vibration.

As one of the most professional elevator door and accessories suppliers in China, Dazen provides a series of elevator door motors. We have established cooperation with renowned brands such as Kone, Mitsubishi, Xizi, Thyssen and Fermat. You can buy high-end elevator door motors of any brand and model at competitive prices.

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Best Selling Elevator Door Motors (Original)

DPM57BL74 Elevator Door Motor

KM89717G06 Kone Elevator Door Motor

Km602748g04 Kone Elevator Door Motor

601370 G04 Kone Elevator Door Motor

KM903370G04 Kone Elevator Door Motor

PM81842 Elevator Door Motor

YTJ031-14 Mitsubishi Elevator Door Motor

YVP90-6S Femotor Elevator Door Motor

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