Elevator Wire Rope Products

  • Material: high quality carbon structural steel
  • Double twist stranding (stranded) arranged by: West Lu-tensile Strength: 1770 (MPa)
  • Applications: elevator

Elevator wire rope as the name suggests, is used on elevator wire rope, with most small passenger lift, residential neighborhoods, Elevator wire rope specifications model 8*19S+FC-8mm,8*195+FC-10mm. The main 10MM,8mm main is a secondary rope.

Mall with a slightly larger elevator wire rope specifications are 12mm, 13mm, Mall cargo elevator wire rope specifications are 12mm, 13mm, 16mm diameter.

Industry standards: double, double-strength of steel, steel, 45th, 65th, steel, 1370/mm2,1770Mpa, Second: Dan Gang, single strength, 65th, steel, 1770N/mm2.

Elevator wire rope core according to national standards are sisal and synthetic PPC, high-speed elevator wire rope specifications model 8*19S+8*7+pp,8*19S+8*7+1*19 normal circumstances, most of the new wire rope has been lubricated at production time, but in use, lubricant loss was reduced. Given the lubrication of wire rope not only in transport and storage period up to corrosion protection, but also reduction of steel wire rope used in each wire between the strands and wear between wire rope and sheave Groove, and also very useful to prolong the service life of wire rope.


1. Standard of elevator steel wire rope: GB8903, ISO4344
2. We can also produce as per customer requirements.
3. If the speed of the lifts works more than 2M/please note when placing the order
4. The invoice will be according to actual weight, this weight is just for your reference
5. we reserve the right to alter the specifications


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