Escalator Handrail: All You Need to Know


What Is an Escalator Handrail

Basically, an escalator handrail is a moving belt that gives you a firm grip when you ride on an escalator. It offers stability and balance to passengers when they ride on the escalator. An escalator handrail usually comes in two shapes, such as flat and elliptical. Based on the people’s requirements, a handrail has multiple color options.

Functions of Escalator Handrail

An escalator handrail has multiple functions. All of these functions are explained below:

Balance & Stability
The primary purpose of an escalator handrail is to provide balance and stability to its passengers. When you find stability and balance on an escalator, you can freely ride it without getting stressed or worried. As a result, escalator riding becomes comfortable for children, old people, and people who are holding heavy objects.

Aiding On/OFF Movement
An escalator handrail also supports when you ascend or descend the escalator. For example, a passenger can ascend the escalator and ensure a smooth transition onto the moving steps by grasping the handrail.

Safety Feature
In case of unexpected situations, like a sudden stop or uneven footing, the handrail provides a sturdy grip to prevent falls.

Escalator Handrail Structure

An escalator handrail is more than a continuous belt since it consists of different parts. The complete structure of the escalator handrail is mentioned below:

1. Cover Rubber

The cover rubber is the outer layer of the handrail that you grip while riding on the escalator. It’s usually made of durable, pliable materials to provide passengers with a comfortable, secure grip.

The materials that are normally used to make an escalator handrail are:

Rubber: Rubber is the most commonly used material in making an escalator handrail. It provides a strong and firm grip. Moreover, it is comfortable to hold and proves durable for long-lasting use.

Thermoplastic Polyurethane: Thermoplastic Polyurethane offers similar benefits to escalator handrails. However, this material is more durable than rubber. Moreover, the polyurethane material is tear and wear-resistant.

2. Skeleton Layer

The skeleton layer is the core of the handrail, helping it maintain its form. Normally, nylon polyester blend fabric is used to make the skeleton layer.

3. Wire Curtain

 The wire curtain is made of stretch inhibitor. It acts as a load bearing force on the handrail belt and maintains a stable length and life of the handrail belt.

4. Sliding Layer

To make the sliding layer, cotton, synthetic fabric/nyon or staple fabric is used. The sliding layer enables the handrail to move smoothly without generating the heat.

Escalator Handrails Colors

Escalator handrails come in different colors to match the overall theme of the building and add style to the space. Here’s a quick look at some common color options for an escalator handrail:

Black: Black handrails are the most commonly used color for escalator handrails due to their resistance to stains and inexpensive advantages.

Grey: Grey is also a versatile color option that tones many buildings’ color themes.

Customized Colorful: Colored handrails not only match the architectural style and add aesthetic appeal, but also reinforce the brand image. For example, the escalator handrails in IKEA shopping malls are in blue, which represents its brand color, while Uniqlo is in red.

Dazen can customize any color you need. Simply send us a color sample or swatch number and we will immediately send you a sample swatch for your approval. Contact us today!

Escalator Handrail Shapes

An escalator handrail shape is a major factor that contributes to its functionality and aesthetics. There are two major types of escalator shapes, Type C and Type V. The main factor of handrail length is its measurement, such as the width, height, and width of the lip. The measurement helps the handrail fit well with the escalator’s track and motor.


As discussed earlier, an escalator handrail maintains balance and stability so passengers can safely ride on the escalator. It’s normally made of rubber or polythene material and comes in different colors.

So, if you desire to install a handrail or are looking for escalator handrail repair services, Dazen Elevator will be a reliable platform.

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