FB-9B Automatic Temperature Controller Cross Flow Fan

The fan consists of a temperature sensor, display, buttons, microcontroller and speed control circuit. The output signal of the temperature sensor is connected to the microcontroller, and the output of the microcontroller is connected to the speed control circuit. The microcontroller collects the current ambient temperature and automatically outputs a signal according to the set value to control the fan air volume after calculation, without manual intervention. When the temperature is low, the motor speed can be automatically reduced to save electrical energy, and when the temperature rises, the motor speed can be automatically increased.

Model Voltage(V) Freq.(HZ) Current(A) Power(W) Noise(dB) Air flow(m³/min) Speed(RPM) Blade Size Blade material
FB-9B Temperature Controller AC110/220/230 50/60 0.09/0.11 25 ≤45 (0~4.8)±0.5 (0~1200±100 Φ91×266 GFAS
Aluminium Alloy

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