FB-9B Cross Flow Fan

FB-9B is the most commonly used cross-flow fan for passenger elevators.
1. Multi-wing impeller with novel structure
2. Low noise, large air volume, high air pressure
3. Small volume, lightweight, long life
4. Easy to install, safe, and reliable.

Model Voltage(V) Freq.(HZ) Current(A) Power(W) Noise(dB) Air flowm³/min) Speed(RPM) Blade Size Blade material
FB-9B Single Speed AC110/220/230 50/60 0.09/0.11 25 ≤45 4.8±0.5 1200±100 Φ91×266 GFAS
Aluminium Alloy
FB-9B Two Speed AC110/220/230 50/60 0.09/0.11 25/17 ≤45 4.8±0.5
Φ91×266 GFAS
Aluminium Alloy

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