Geared Elevator Motor

1150 use other rated load (kg) rated speed 1.25~1.75m/s


1. All bearing imported bearings. Our products avoid has three big problems “bearing different ring, and brake noise big, and high-temperature demagnetization”, to become long-term security of tractor representatives who one of.

2. And brake structure of design, traditional of drum type brake has compared mature, and now of mainstream design for block type brake. its structure more meet standard, regardless of is electrical also is mechanical are is two completely independent of part, Torin, Fu Wode and Blu-ray’s main push models also used this design, Our “Monte driven ensures adequate redundancy under braking safety, strict control of brake noise, brake lock turn sound not greater than 56dB far below the national standard of 65dB.

3. Permanent magnet synchronous traction runtime, supply voltage sine wave has a great effect on its performance less waveform distortion rate, less vibration and noise. run more smoothly, Due to the characteristics of inverter switching power supply, output frequency, the higher the output voltage sine fitting better by motor principle know that, at the same speed, series, the higher the higher the frequency of the power supply required, so the Poles designed for MT1000 32P.

4. Permanent magnet synchronous gearless permanent magnet is the core component, Permanent magnet material choice gearless running stability, and safe life, we use higher-performance permanent magnets to improve the acceleration and deceleration performance of the tractor.

5. Long quality assurance, product complies with EN81 standards CE certification, escort for your safety.


Model Geared Traction Motor
Application Residential, Factory
Control Way VVVF
Rate 1:01
Speed (m/s) 0.5-3m/s
Loading (kg) 450 630 800 1000 1350 1600
Current Rate (A) 5.0-11.3 7.0-15.6 10.4-23.8 11.2-26 11.0-61.0 15.0-70.0
Current Rate (A) 1.6-5.7 2.3-7.9 2.8-10.9 3.4-13.3 4.5-27 5.5-33
Power (V) 380V
Brake Voltage (V) DC110V
Rope (mm) 3x10x15, 4x10x15, 5x10x15, 6x10x15, 7x10x15, 8x10x15
Height(mm) <150
Enconder Heidehan1387



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