What is An Escalator Step Chain


What is An Escalator Step Chain

An escalator step chain or an escalator chain is a strong, interconnected links or plates, similar to a bicycle chain. The step chains move the steps on escalators or drives moving walkways.

They transmit power for the smooth and effective transport of passengers along the escalator tracks in either the ascending or descending direction.

A chain step escalator is installed under the escalator steps, connecting and propelling the steps in an endless loop with the aid of an electric motor.

An step chain is widely used in escalator facilities such as subways, large supermarkets, high-speed railways, hotels, and high-end shopping malls. 

Escalator Step Chain Construction and Features

Each component of a step chain escalator is engineered together to form one functional unit. Each component plays a role in ensuring the smooth, safe, and synchronized movement of steps along the escalator track.

Chain Links
These are the individual links that make up the chain. They are typically constructed from high-strength steel. That allows them to withstand heavy loads and frequent usage. The steel is refined into individual links using different methods to ensure accurate dimensions and shape. The technique may include cold bearing or heat treatment.

Step Attachments
The step attachments connect each step to the chain. This allows for the synchronized movement of steps along the escalator.

Bearings and Shafts
The bearings support the rotation of the chain. And the shafts provide the structural support for the step attachments.

Chain Plate
The chain plate escalator is the flat, elongated plate in the chain step escalator. It houses the chain links and provides a surface for the step attachment.
Assembly Process of an Escalator Chain
This assembly process describes how the components are merged to form the step chain.

Chain Link Assembly
The chain links are welded sequentially together to form an endless loop.
Attachment of Step

Step attachments are attached to the chain links at regular intervals. This ensures that each step is securely connected to the chain.

Integration of Bearings and Shafts
Bearings are installed at specific points along the chain to facilitate smooth rotation. And the shafts are positioned to provide support for step attachments.

Installation of Chain Plate
The chain plate is mounted over the assembled chain. This provides additional protection and stability. It also serves as a mounting surface for the steps.

Surface Treatment
The escalator chains are subjected to surface treatments. These includes rust removal, corrosion protection, and lubrication to improve durability and operational efficiency.

Formation of a Step Chain

The escalator step chain is formed after all components are assembled and integrated. It has a continuous loop of links with step attachments securely affixed at regular intervals. Dazen step chains undergo a testing procedure with high-precision equipment to guarantee safety and efficiency.
The step chain is ready to be installed afterwards within the escalator structure. Followed by a testing alongside other components such as sprockets, drive mechanisms, and safety devices. This ensures the smooth and efficient operation of the escalator.

For a high-quality escalator step chain that will provide peace of mind and long-term use, contact Dazen today.

Key Considerations In The Construction of A Step Chain Escalator

Chain strength
The tensile strength is an important consideration in the construction of step chains. Escalator step chains have a range of tensile strengths, between 6 to 30 tons. This range indicates the diverse requirements of escalator systems based on factors such as passenger capacity, escalator height, and operational conditions.
The 9-ton and 15-ton variants are the most common due to their widespread use and strength. They support the weight of passengers and maintain escalator stability. Speak with our engineers today to discuss your needs.

The pitch of the chain refers to the distance between successive plates or links. The pitch significantly impacts the functionality of the escalator. Minimizing the pitch helps reduce the chordal action effects (irregular movements), thus improving the overall operational smoothness.

What is The Lifespan of The Escalator Step Chain?

The lifespan of the escalator step chain varies depending on several factors such as materials, frequency of usage, and maintenance schedule. Typically, well-made escalator step chains can have a lifespan of up to 20 years or more with regular maintenance and inspections. Consider escalator step chain replacement when you notice damage to the chain.
For a high-quality escalator step chain that will provide peace of mind and long-term use, contact Dazen today.

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