Elevator Cross Flow Fan

Focus On Elevator Roof Ventilation

The elevator crossflow fan is a device specially designed for ventilation in elevator shafts, which promotes natural ventilation in elevator shafts by generating lateral airflow, thus improving air quality and ride comfort in elevators. In emergencies such as fire, elevator crossflow fans can also provide oxygen for escape.
Elevator cross-flow fans are suitable for all types of elevators, especially for high-rise and super high-rise elevators. Elevator cross-flow fans are also suitable for elevator shafts in public places such as subways and railway stations.

The Advantages of Dazen Elevator Cross Flow Fan

  • Improve Air Quality: elevator cross-flow fan can effectively reduce the temperature and humidity inside the elevator shaft, reduce the breeding of bacteria and odor, and improve the air quality inside the elevator.
  • Reducing Elevator Accidents: elevator cross-flow fans can form lateral airflow in the elevator shaft, preventing air dirt and heat accumulation and reducing the incidence of elevator accidents.
  • Enhance Ventilation Effect: Elevator cross-flow fans can forcibly generate airflow and promote natural ventilation in the elevator shaft, further improving the ventilation effect.
  • Improve Ride Comfort: the ventilation effect of the elevator cross-flow fan can reduce the elevator air temperature and humidity, and improve the ride comfort in the elevator.

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